Women for Peace and Participation (WPP) is a non-partisan and non-profit organization, which promotes the social and political inclusion of women and

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Our vision for the next two years is to pilot WWP’s 5-Year prioritization of countries, to establish broader networks of women and youth among Afgha

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Why Work for Women for Peace and Participation:
WPP aims to achieve its vision by working with marginalised individuals in conflict-tattered

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Women for Peace and Participation (WPP) is a non-partisan…

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Women for Peace and Participation 5-Year Strategy includes establishing…

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About Women for Peace and Participation

Women for Peace and Participation (WPP) is a non-partisan and non-profit organisation, which promotes the social and political inclusion of women and youth in peace-building processes at the grassroots, national and global levels.  WPP works directly with marginalised individuals in conflict-affected countries, and provides opportunities and platforms for women and youth to enable them to participate in decision-making processes and policy debates.  In addition to working directly with women and youth, WPP also works with their relevant diaspora and refugee populations.


Women for Peace and Participation recognises the critical role of youth in the country and facilitates the development and capacity building of youth organisations / associations within their own communities to address the issues that affect their daily lives. In regions affected by continuous conflict and insecurity, young people are being exposed to extreme forms of physical, social and structural violence. Such situations strongly influences their views and behaviour towards their own people and communities as well as other people and communities. Many young people in areas affected by continuous insurgency and conflict lack opportunities for education and jobs.


We strive to document real-life stories of women in conflict zones - Their contribution in promoting peace and their endeavour towards active engagement in conflict mitigation and resolution at community level. Women’s role in the political arena has been influenced in a number of ways by the prevailing un-certain political environment and actors involved.On social fronts, women have been playing vital role in peace building in conflict and post conflict societies, although their role has been undermined by various factors and forces. Very little evidence is available about the level of influence women have at the grass root social processes, that results in maintaining peaceful coexistence at community level.



In recent years, diaspora women have also had a considerable degree of influence on policy agendas and the development of their home countries.  Many women in the diaspora, who have directly been affected by war and have fled their home countries due to personal security issues, possess unique skills and first-hand experience of the local context. Among them, those, who have high level knowledge, experience and understanding of the ways international policies and frameworks work are best placed to influence policies in favour of women in the war affected countries.

In line with resolution 1325, Women for Peace and Participation (WPP) recognizes the importance of women’s participation in peace-building processes at community and policy levels aiming to achieve women’s effective role in creating a peaceful society.  Through this initiative, WPP is committed to creating a unique platform for women from various countries and backgrounds (including diaspora women) where they can share insights, discuss challenges and strategies, and collectively decide how and what to talk about when it comes to advocacy and representations.