Young People for Peace

Women for Peace and Participation recognises the critical role of youth in the country and facilitates the development and capacity building of youth organisations / associations within their own communities to address the issues that affect their daily lives. In regions affected by continuous conflict and insecurity, young people are being exposed to extreme forms of physical, social and structural violence. Such situations strongly influences their views and behaviour towards their own people and communities as well as other people and communities. Many young people in areas affected by continuous insurgency and conflict lack opportunities for education and jobs, and thus, often become easy targets of several types of evils such as drugs, criminality and extremism. We are dedicated to work with young people in conflict tattered societies to organise and become progressive and effective members of their societies. We have piloted our youth program in Afghanistan where lessons learnt will help us support youth in other parts of the world.

The deteriorating security and economic situation in Afghanistan is also forcing young people make difficult and sometimes destructive choices, as well as to flee their country in pursuit for a better life and opportunities, and in most cases they take great financial and personal risks for themselves and their families and communities to do so. Young people in our target areas have organised themselves in groups, called Youth Peace Shuras (Councils). These young people not only support each other but they also identify other young people in the community, involving them in this support network and helping them recognise their role in addressing insecurity. These young people get involved in dialogue around mediation, conflict transformation and peace projects, with an additional aim to counter violent extremism among young people, which makes up 70 percent of the Afghan society. These youth Shuras / groups meet regularly in order to share their concerns, in addition they provide support to the most vulnerable individuals in their communities, such as disabled people, widows and orphans. They do so by connecting the needs of these individuals to fellow youth in the cities who in response identify and provide a necessary support.

Peace Women

We strive to document real-life stories of women in conflict zones - Their contribution in promoting peace and their endeavour towards active engagement in conflict mitigation and resolution at community level.  

Women’s role in the political arena has been influenced in a number of ways by the prevailing un-certain political environment and actors involved.

On social fronts, women have been playing vital role in peace building in conflict and post conflict societies, although their role has been undermined by various factors and forces. Very little evidence is available about the level of influence women have at the grass root social processes, that results in maintaining peaceful coexistence at community level. As a learning process and source of inspiration and to recognize the efforts and sacrifices, there is a great need to denote the few examples of women’s contribution to grass root level peace building efforts.

WPP therefore is committed to document life stories of women who have set examples in maintaining and promoting peace and coexistence in their respective communities.