In recent years, diaspora women have also had a considerable degree of influence on policy agendas and the development of their home countries.  Many women in the diaspora, who have directly been affected by war and have fled their home countries due to personal security issues, possess unique skills and first-hand experience of the local context. Among them, those, who have high level knowledge, experience and understanding of the ways international policies and frameworks work are best placed to influence policies in favour of women in the war affected countries.

In line with resolution 1325, Women for Peace and Participation (WPP) recognizes the importance of women’s participation in peace-building processes at community and policy levels aiming to achieve women’s effective role in creating a peaceful society.  Through this initiative, WPP is committed to creating a unique platform for women from various countries and backgrounds (including diaspora women) where they can share insights, discuss challenges and strategies, and collectively decide how and what to talk about when it comes to advocacy and representations.

Key Deliverables

  • A series of roundtables with small groups of women peacebuilders from various backgrounds and standing in the UK and Europe.
  • A series of stories and articles on women peacebuilders to publicize and highlight their positive contribution to peace-making and peace-building
  • Research and policy papers on gender and war, women and peacebuilding and other relevant topics.
  • A high-level forum informing policy makers on the challenges women face in conflict affected countries.
  • Public events and workshops informing women on Peace and Security issues.