“Why do women in the diaspora matter in peace processes and policies”

In recent years, diaspora women have had a considerable degree of influence on policy agendas in conflict-affected countries on issues ranging from advocating for inclusive peace processes to pressing for sustainable development. Diaspora women, many of whom have been directly affected by war, often possess unique skills and first-hand experience of the local and global context and are well-placed to influence international policies in favour of women in war-affected countries.

Please join us for the launch of ‘United Women for Peace’ an initiative of the non-profit ‘’Women for Peace and Participation.’’ This event will highlight the role of diaspora women leaders based in the UK but who continue to advocate for inclusive and gender`-sensitive peace processes and in their home countries and the inclusion of their communities in policy making, including Afghanistan, Algeria, Indonesia, Kosovo, Libya, South Sudan and Turkey.

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Launch Event: ‘United Women for Peace

Amnesty International, The Human Rights Action Center

17 -25 New Inn Yard

London, EC2A 3EA

20 April 2017 

10:00 – 14:00