Bethan Williams is a dedicated development professional with a background in Anthropology. Bethan has spent seven years managing projects in Afghanistan initially with Children in Crisis and later with Womankind Worldwide. Bethan has a particular interest in women’s rights and justice and is committed to a positive future for the people of Afghanistan.

Horia Mosadiq Horia Mosadiq is 42 -years-old Afghan human rights activist and journalist with around 23 years of work experience in Afghanistan and the region, in the fields of media, human rights, transitional justice and women rights.

Award Winner of 2007 national human rights award in Afghanistan and in 2011 she was recognized among 50 bravest women of the world for her work by Glamour magazine in the United Kingdom, and in 2012 and 2015 won Women Rights Defender Award from Amnesty International and in 2015 also won the prize for outstanding achievement in human rights from Open Asia/ Armanshahr Foundation in Afghanistan.

During the past 23 years Horia Mosadiq served as Director of Human Rights Research and Advocacy Consortium (HRRAC), Media Commissioner for Afghanistan Elections Commission 2005, Senior Advisor to Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission, and Observer in the Constitutional Loya Jirga of Afghanistan in 2003- 2004.

She represented Afghanistan in 51st UN session Commission on the Status of women in year 2007 and chaired the human rights and civil society panel in Paris donor Conference in 2008 and participated in London donor conference 2010, Bonn II donor conference 2011 and Tokyo conference in 2012. Since September 2008 she is working at Amnesty International, International Secretariat as Afghanistan Researcher.

In 2013 she established a local NGO Safety and Risk Mitigation Organization (SRMO) which is mainly working with the Human Rights and Women Rights Defenders in Afghanistan to provide protection, build resilience and assist with risk mitigation strategy and enabling environment for the defenders specially the grassroot defenders who are working in volatile and insecure provinces.


 Marika Theros is a human rights and organizational development expert with more than 12 years experience working at the intersection of public policy, academia and civil society.  She provides strategic and programmatic advice on issues related to human rights and civil society to a range of organizations.

She is currently a senior researcher at the Institute for State Effectiveness in Washington DC. At the London School of Economics (LSE), she contributes to the Civil Society Research Program (JSRP), particularly on issues of accountability, justice, and conflict in Afghanistan.  She also serves on the executive committee of the London Transitional Justice Network and is completing her Doctorate at the Department for International Development at LSE.